Sunday, August 24, 2008

My First Blog

 Peru, my Havana Brown, doesn't seem to think it's a good idea I keep a blog, or maybe he thinks I need his help. If I can get him to settle down, and nap in my lap, I'll be fine. Havana's must be the center of attention, always.

I thought it might be helpful to keep track of my thoughts while I wait to adopt my someday daughter from China. The wait is getting longer, for reasons that are difficult to understand, and I struggle to keep hopeful. Perhaps this blog will help me to feel connected to my daughter, who lives a world away and doesn't yet know she has a mother who's waiting to bring her home.


 How I Stay Sane While Waiting To  Adopt A Child From China

My husband, Kevin and I, are adopting a child from China. We submitted our paperwork (dossier) over a year ago and it was given what's called a "Log In Date"(LID). Think of the LID as the date the clock starts ticking for our wait to be given a referral for a child. Our LID is March 19, 2007. When we first started the adoption process, the estimated wait time from LID to referral was about 15 months. Currently the wait is approximately 30 months and getting longer. My best guess, which is really wishful thinking, for when our referral might come is sometime in 2010. Right now the February '06 families are next in line.

Enough of that. We decided to adopt an older child, 3-5 years old, as we have some complications that make having an infant more challenging. More on that maybe at another time.

To make the wait bearable, I started knitting toys for our daughter. Since I won't know her age and size until the very end, toys and non-clothing projects are all I can really do. Let's see how many more get added to this site by the time we receive our referral!

This blanket was knit over two years ago when we were compiling our dossier for China. It's packed away in a box right now. I've held off getting our daughter's bedroom ready until we actually get a referral. Once we're matched with a child, it will be several months before we get our travel approval, so there'll be time. For now, I'm collecting things, trying to keep myself collected, and of course, knitting.



  1. Hello! I am so happy to be the first to post a comment on your blog! Actually this is my first comment on any blog. What a great way to record your thoughts and keep your friends up to date. Marco and I look forward to following your progress towards adopting your little girl. Love,Helen

  2. My husband & I are LID 2/28/06 and we will be posting our referal hopefully this while I was looking at the babies post today I read yours. First congratulations on your daughter I hope that your LOA comes soon and secondly your knitted animals are adorable!!!
    Have you thought about selling any? hint hint
    Happy Holiday Connie

  3. I love these knitted animals. I only knit scarves and crochet dishclothes, but your animals are so cute!!