Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling Hopeful

My social worker just called to tell us our
Pre-Approval was received today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Introducing Jing Ju

I am pleased to announce that we have accepted the referral of a little 5 1/2 year old girl named Jing Ju. She is from Beihai City in the south of Guangxi. We have sent a Letter of Intent to China, and are now waiting to receive a Letter of Acceptance. After that, we wait for our Travel Approval. Our social worker thinks it's possible I will be going to China in about 3 months! When I read the following passage from Jing Ju's record, I knew we'd found our daughter:

"In May 2005 Jingju participated in the little sisters’ class in Social Welfare Institute of Wuzhou. In Aug.2007 when she returned to Social Welfare Institute of Beihai city she went on to participate in the little sisters’ class. By the excellent education of the teachers she looks very active and cute all the time in the activities and is a kind-hearted girl. Jingju participated the little sisters’ class and have a happy group life. Led by teachers Ju went to the zoo and open country for many times, met the tigers taught in textbooks and observed moving ants carefully, as well as drew pictures by herself. In class Ju is always attentive, has good receptive ability, can finish cutting paper and jigsaw with both hands. Ju speaks lightly, has sweet smile and fair complexion, always brings happiness to peers around her. Whenever the caretaker allocates snack food to the kids, when she gives food to Ju and Ju finds that the kid beside her does not have it, she will share it with the kid, sometimes Ju can be jealous when other kids ‘occupied’ her teacher."

So, it's happening. I'm finally going to be a mother!