Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling Hopeful

My social worker just called to tell us our
Pre-Approval was received today!


  1. Whoooppp!!! You're on your way!! Congratulations!!


  2. Just stopping over from RQ...
    Congrats! Your daughter is beautiful. Here's wishing you a safe trip and that you get to leave soon...

  3. I thought I'd thank you for saying such very nice things in your comment on my blog, but first, your daughter is lovely! The process has changed a bit since 2006 when we waited for Julia, but the waiting never changes. Rush to get the dossier done and wait, rush to fill in agency forms and do the agency classes and wait, rush to send in the LOI and wait, and finally, rush to pack, get on planes, get to official offices and wait a little more. If only waiting energy could be bottled . . . . Anyway, you are in for the journey of your life and it is very much worth the wait.

    As for your comments, sincere thanks. From your 'pen' to the ear of the almighty -- I admit to being a frustrated writer even though that has nothing to do with writing the blog. We have such a precious gift in sharing our lives with our daughters, that is inspiration enough. That and the real need for those in the process to see what older kid adoption means on a day-to-day basis.

    Oh, am I wordy today! I'll be watching over you shoulder as well, and following your journey. Happy New Year!

  4. congrats on PA!!! found you on AOK2 and it is a small blogger adoption world. :) We just returned from China in July 08 with our 7 year old daughter Hannah. feel free to email me. ash at hunsu.family@yahoo.com
    our family blog is http://hunsufamily.blogspot.com