Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Introducing Jing Ju

I am pleased to announce that we have accepted the referral of a little 5 1/2 year old girl named Jing Ju. She is from Beihai City in the south of Guangxi. We have sent a Letter of Intent to China, and are now waiting to receive a Letter of Acceptance. After that, we wait for our Travel Approval. Our social worker thinks it's possible I will be going to China in about 3 months! When I read the following passage from Jing Ju's record, I knew we'd found our daughter:

"In May 2005 Jingju participated in the little sisters’ class in Social Welfare Institute of Wuzhou. In Aug.2007 when she returned to Social Welfare Institute of Beihai city she went on to participate in the little sisters’ class. By the excellent education of the teachers she looks very active and cute all the time in the activities and is a kind-hearted girl. Jingju participated the little sisters’ class and have a happy group life. Led by teachers Ju went to the zoo and open country for many times, met the tigers taught in textbooks and observed moving ants carefully, as well as drew pictures by herself. In class Ju is always attentive, has good receptive ability, can finish cutting paper and jigsaw with both hands. Ju speaks lightly, has sweet smile and fair complexion, always brings happiness to peers around her. Whenever the caretaker allocates snack food to the kids, when she gives food to Ju and Ju finds that the kid beside her does not have it, she will share it with the kid, sometimes Ju can be jealous when other kids ‘occupied’ her teacher."

So, it's happening. I'm finally going to be a mother!


  1. Oh my gosh...what good news!! I am so happy for you, you're a mother...welcome to the "club"! I can only imagine your excitement...thank you for allowing me to share in your joy. Warmest wishes, Shirley

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful. Wishing you speedy LOA and TA.

    Heather, Jean, Ainsley and Claire

  3. Oh congratulations! She is stunning and sounds like such a sweetheart. I found your site from a Yahoo group. Our daughter is also from Guangxi. We love her dearly.

    Best of luck in your amazing adventure.

  4. Congratulations!! Ju is adorable!!! Your blog entries don't have dates on them, so I'm not sure how long you waited between your "Change of Plans" post to this post - but it seems to have been very fast - how wonderful!! Soooo exciting - can't wait to follow your trip to China!

  5. congrats she is very cute. hope you will travel very soon to bring her home!!

  6. Hi Lisa!
    My name is Sandra Lozowicki and I just saw your email/announcement on your match with Jingju! Congratulations!
    I then went to your blog and saw her beautiful photo!! Gorgeous!!!

    My husband and I were matched with Jingxin in September and we finally got our dossier completed and to the agency today. Jingxin, who is also 5 1/2, is from the same institute as Jingju and I bet they are FRIENDS!!! How awesome is that???

    We are also hoping to travel in about 4 months. What agency are you with? We are with Great Wall China Adoption. They have been great.

    The Bio you read is almost the same as they had for Jingxin, and my friends said "Oh, Sandra, you have a little social worker!" Yep, that's right, I am a clinical social worker too!!! Actually, I have just submitted my licensure app hoping to work part-time after about 6 months of attachment/bonding time with Jingxin (Jia)...we are keeping her name, but calling her Jia (Chinese for Beautiful).

    I don't blog, but I enjoyed reading yours. I'm sending you her photo and I am hoping we can plan to go to BeiHai at the same time and the girls can keep in touch! Oh, I am so excited!!!
    I've sent you my information and her photo to your email address.
    Eager to hear from you!!
    btw, it took almost 6 weeks for our LOA...hopefully, it won't be so long for you. But since you are already logged in, you may get your referral and travel dates very soon.
    Well, hope to talk & meet soon.
    We share the same intense joy at this special time!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. She is stunning!

  8. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations, praying for you all to have a speedy LOA! I am SOOO excited for you!!! Below is our journey to our 7-yr old....
    Our family blog is the here and now stuff :-)

  9. Congratulations! She is BEAUTIFUL!


  10. Just came from RQ to see your news!!!She is so beautiful!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  11. Hi,
    My daughter Genny came from Beihai SWI and was born 10/11/05...she is the bundle of energy and sweet laughter...loves shrimp and spicy dishes...congrats.

  12. She is beautiful! Our daughter was adopted in November 2006 and is a Guangxi Beauty, too. If you haven't joined we would love to have you join the Guangxi Families Yahoo Group. Here is the link.
    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter.
    (via RQ)

  13. CONGRATS on your beautiful daughter!!! My daughter will be 5 in a few weeks and I adopted her in August 2007 from Wuzhou. They are amazing little girls and are very well taken care of and LOVED. I wonder why your daughter moved from Wuzhou to Beihai??? Any ideas???

    Hopefully your wait will go fast and you can get that little girl in your arms!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!We are also proud parents of a Guangxi beauty.

  15. Saw your post on RQ. Congratulations. Your daughter is very beautiful. She sounds like a real sweetie pie! Speedy Travels.

    Mom to:
    Emma Rose (8 yrs)-Shaanxi
    Olivia (5 yrs)-Hubei
    Celia Grace (20 mo.)- Shandong

  16. Wow, saw you on the RQ, and your daughter is beautiful! How lovely that you found each other, and what a happy new year for you!

  17. Glad I stumbled upon your blog (from rumor queen)
    Your daughter sounds so sweet and she is absolutely adorable. Congrats.

  18. Congratulations...she is precious! I LOVE the information about her that you have been given! What a sweetie! We recieved our referral today as well! Blessings on your journey and with your new daughter!

  19. Liska,
    I saw your blog on Rumor did the RIGHT thing! Your daugther is beautiful! You are going to have an amazing 2009! Also, you are so creative, the animals are precious! Thanks for sharing, enjoy every minute!!!!

  20. We adopted a 5 1/2 year old girl fom Wuzhou City and she was 6 at the time of adoption!!! We have been home 6 months and it has been wonderful!!! I would love to talk to you and I have tons of advice.

    My blog is:

  21. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ju sounds like such a sweet child and she is simply beautiful, too!!! I know you are beside yourself with JOY!!!!!!!!

    I will pray that you get to travel quickly!!

    Mrs. U

  22. As the mom of a Hep B girl from China, I have really found this SN to be kind of a non-issue. Kate's #'s have alway been great and she has her blood drawn 2x a year and that's all. Other than making her aware that I am the only one to care for her booboos when then happen at home, nothing different here.

    We are located in Riverview FL so if you want to chat pop me a note.

    Susan and Kate
    Riverview, FL

  23. Absolutely darling! Congratualtions and good for you for switching to SN and getting matched up with your daughter. She could not be anymore precious!

  24. Congratulations, Thanks for letting me share in your joy of your families referral to Jing Ju. She will be blessed to have a family as warm and loving as you, & you as equally truly blessed to be a mom to Jing Ju.
    Best wishes,

  25. What an adorable little girl. Congratulations and safe travels!