Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And one more...for now.

More pictures...

Having a hard time, but being very brave.

The hotel’s internet has been down!!!!!!!

03-30-2009, Gotcha Day
I had wanted to write about this most incredible day, but there’s so much to say and I’m so exhausted, so I’ll be brief. Right now Jingju is lying next to me trying hard not to go to sleep. Every time I look over at her she just smiles a kind of impish smile as if to say, “nope, still awake.”

So I’ll just say that so far she seems to be doing beautifully, Saying goodbye to her nanny was tough on Jingju, but she got through it. Hannah, our guide has really been terrific, and helping both Jingju and I to get through these first few days.

03-31-09, Adoption Day
Jingju is just doing amazingly well. She is becoming less shy by the minute. and is settling in to her new surroundings. Sandra! Thanks for the Nihao, Kai-lan DVD. Jingju loves watching it. She also loves taking things in and out of the little pocket book I gave her.

We had our interview appointment earlier today and Jingju is now officially our daughter! I can’t believe this beautiful little girl is really, finally ours.
I’ll let the pictures say the rest.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In China!

Well it’s the end of a long day of traveling (3 flights and 2 bus rides), but we’re here in China! I had a little melt down at Bradley airport yesterday morning, when it was announced our flight was going to be delayed and possibly cancelled. The first leg of our trip was Bradley to O’hare with just one hour in Chicago to make a connecting flight to Shanghai. The feeling was pure panic. Fortunately it was fairly quickly then announced that the flight would leave after all giving us just enough time to make our next flight.

At the airport in Shanghai, we met up with Fang, who manages the China program at our adoption agency. She escorted us on a bus to the city to catch a domestic flight to Nanning. It was great to see her, and we had time to have a bite with her at the airport before we had to catch our next flight. Our guide, Hannah met us at the airport in Nanning. We love her!

Not much else to report other than the big news that tomorrow is Gotcha Day. In 16 hours I’ll meet Jingju.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Last important Call!

The last two important calls came yesterday and today. Yesterday we got our Travel Approval (TA) and today we got our Consulate Appointment (CA) at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou.. The CA is tentatively scheduled for April 7th and will be confirmed tomorrow. This is when Jing Ju's Visa is issued and her adoption is finalized. I have to be in China about 10 days earlier, so I'll likely leave around the 28th of March.

How will I ever sleep or function this week? I just want to sing and jump and giggle!