Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day At The Park And Another New Friend

It was finally a beautiful sunny day, so I took Jingju to a park to have lunch with a friend and her daughter (also adopted from China and now almost 12). I was pleased to see Jingju able to be apart from me. She took my friend's daughter's hand and went off to the playground with her. My friend's daughter also taught Jingju how to play the game, G0 Fish. She was very patient and kind to Jingju and took a great interest in teaching and entertaining her at the park.


  1. She looks very happy!! Thanks for the updates.

  2. Aww! I love your pictures always! And wow, all those English words Jing ju is speaking! Incredible!!

  3. Jillian's quote "wow, she is learning pretty quick!" I looks like everything is going well and she looks happy, vibrant and full of life!