Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Susan's Place Again

I took Jingju back to Susan's Place this afternoon to have tea and to talk with her new friend. Susan, the owner, and her 3 year old son was there.


  1. Oh, Jingju looks so inquisitive! And friendly!!
    Looking forward to pictures of you both together. Gotta memorialize your joy too!! It was awesome to skype the other day and to see how well Jingju is doing!!
    Ni Hao Jingju & Momma!!

  2. We love following you and JingJu. She is just adorable. Ainsley is already planning a small gift to welcome her home. We can't wait to see you. Maybe a playdate in the near future...
    With love,
    Heather, Jean, Ainsley and Claire

  3. We loved shopping at Susan's place, very friendly! The guy in your photo recognized us as we were in the newspaper that same day (wading through the flooded streets after a typhoon!).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Six Months!