Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baba's Home!

Baba came home today and he seems in better shape than before he went into the hospital. Physical therapy has helped him quite a bit and now he'll have PT and OT at home for a while. Shortly after I brought baba home, I had to go out for little while to see a client. When I returned, the above is the scene I came home to. I love that baba is home less than an hour and he's been stickered and braceleted!

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  1. Sorry you had to go to the hospital Kevin, but glad to hear everything is better now. But you look so happy with JingJu.

    Out of interest, while Jingju uses Baba as the Chinese for Dad (if I understand correctly), in Croatian, Baba means Grandmother! Not that we wouldn't at times refer to a man as a Baba, but only in cases such as when driving behind him and he is holding up traffic by driving 10 mph under the speed limit. At that point, a Croatian might shout "stop driving like a Baba!".