Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back Pack, Back Pack!

Jingju loves, loves, loves her new back pack. It goes with her everywhere. I think we have "Dora the Explorer" to thank. Yesterday she really wanted a pencil case to put in her back pack, so I gave in for one with Charlie and Lola on it from one of her favorite books. It was like looking at myself tonight, to watch her carefully organizing and packing her bag.


  1. Oh, I love following your posts. Thanks for sharing. Her "BACK PACK" is adorable. I love that you saw yourself in JingJu packing and carefully organizing her supplies. Adorable. :o)Thanks again,

  2. Aw, so nice! Looks like Jingju would love to attend school! She's such a smart girl. Tell me again what books she is liking? Charlie & Lola?
    LOVE her photos!! Ni Hao Jingju!!
    Jingxin's Mom

  3. Hey, we spend a year and a half living in Sage as the only family with little kids. We go several times a week to Wooster park, often having it all to ourselves. And what happens? The moment we move out, finally a friend the kids could have played with!!!! Oh the injustice!!!!