Monday, May 18, 2009

Children's Museum

Jingju's baba is in the hospital with pneumonia, so I took her to the Children's Museum to keep her busy. She seems to be doing OK with her father being sick. When we drove home from visiting her father, she was in the back seat repeating, "Baba sick, baba OK," which is how I've explained it to her. And he should be OK. When he gets sick, his MS symptoms get exacerbated, but he usually bounces back. We're hoping he'll be transferred for some inpatient physical therapy before he comes home.
I'm getting some nice time alone with Jingju, and a little respite from caregiving (it was a little exhausting leading up to baba's hospitalization), but I don't like Jingju and her father being apart for too long. They haven't had as much time to bond. Fortunately, Jingju and her baba are both very resilient!

On a side note, the goggles Jingju is wearing are her work goggles for summer camp at a museum she'll be attending in June. When I took her to visit the museum to try out a sample building project, she refused to put them on. We brought a pair home to encourage her to wear them and now she never takes them off! She calls them her "sun galasses," and wears them whenever we go out.

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  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Baba. Glad to hear Jingju and you are doing well. Love the goggles. :o)
    Thanks for sharing,