Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jingju Skypes With Jing Xin

My friend Sandra, is in China now with her newly adopted daughter, Jing Xin. Sandra and I met online through an adoption website and found that we were both adopting girls of the same age from the Social Welfare Institute of Beihai City. When we were in China, I asked Jingju if she and Jing Xin were friends and she said they weren't. When I received pictures and reports from Jingju's Half The Sky program, she was pictured very often playing with a girl named Jing Huan. The reports also said that Jing Huan was Jingju's best friend. When my friend Sandra created a blog of her adoption journey, I showed Jingju pictures of Jing Xin and she started to get excited about her coming to America. She would talk about her friend, Jing Xin, and I just figured she had created a story in her own mind that they had been friends. Sandra received her daughter in China a few days ago and the nannies told her that they don't use Jing Xin's given name, but they call her Jing Huan! Now it all makes sense that Jingju didn't know who I was talking about and why she responded positively to Jing Xin's pictures. The girls were able to Skype with each other for the first time last night. It was wonderful to see the girls reunited. Sadly however, Jingju has lost her Chinese almost completely in the 3 months that we've been home. We plan to get her a Chinese tutor ASAP and hope we can help her recover her language. Seeing Sandra with her daughter brings back so many memories of my time in China with Jingju. She has adapted so quickly to her American life. A part of me is grieving for the little girl I first met with her language and culture wholly intact.

I am so happy to have met Sandra and so excited now that it is finally her turn to hold her beautiful new daughter. And how wonderful that our girls have the opportunity to stay connected.


  1. I always read your blog with a huge smile on my the smile was accompanied by tears as I watched the sweet girls faces.

  2. Oh Lisa...that is absolutely the sweetest video clip. You can hear Jingju's excitement at seeing her friend(her English is phenomenal). And the fact that they will be able to continue a relationship and is all just so amazing! I am glad to see it is all going so well for your family and for Jingju. Thank you so much for wonderful.