Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clam Cakes And Chowder

Kevin needed to satisfy his yearly craving for clam cakes and chowder, so we drove to Rhode Island and had lunch with Nai Nai. I couldn't help myself taking pictures of Jingju today.


  1. Incredible pictures!! Beautiful! Tessa mentioned Jingju today when we were on the laptop. Then we watched JIngju jump rope and looked at her stunning picutres: "wooooohhh, Jingju!" is what Tessa said. Then as we were starting to take her shower Tessa said "Mama, Tessa loves Jingju." And she said it 2 more times as we got ready for bed. She said I could tell Jingju later.

    Yes, I'm very emotional about it. These girls are awesome!!

    Our Love,
    Jing Huan's Mama

  2. I love the last picture best... just beautiful!