Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Friend Found!

Another friend from Jingju's orphanage has been found! Last week, my friend, Sandra, who adopted Tessa (Jing Huan) from Jingju's SWI contacted me with information about a little girl recently adopted through her adoption agency. The little girl, Yan Lan, was missing her friends who were adopted before her
terribly and asked her mother, "how can we ever find them? We don't have their addresses." Through the power of the internet, and in a matter of hours, Yan Lan has been reunited with her good friend Tessa who lives just 2 hours away from her in Florida. In December, both Yan Lan and Tessa will come to New York City to meet up with Jingju. Jingju was very excited to speak with Yan Lan on the telephone. Jingju is really unable to speak any Chinese after 6 months in America, and Yan Lan, who has only been in the US a month, is still speaking mostly Chinese. Even though they couldn't really understand each other, Jingju was happy to hear her old friend's voice. Jingju started Chinese school last Sunday and we're hoping that with time, she'll be able to recover her original language.

These pictures are from the Half The Sky memory books of all three girls.

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  1. I am so happy for these three girls. Isn't it wonderful that Ling Yan was so persistent in wanting to find her SWI sisters!