Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kung Fu

Jingju is taking a martial arts class at her Chinese school on Sundays. She's a little lukewarm to it, but goes willingly. They got their uniforms last week and I had hoped that might get her more excited.

Then I found out the Shaolin Warriors were in town:

After the performance, Jingju did Kung Fu moves all
the way back to the car. She has her class later today, so
I'm curious to see if she enjoys it more now. I was so sure
when I signed her up that she would love it. So we'll see.
If not, we'll try another sport or maybe dance. I'm crossing
my fingers for Kung Fu, however. I think Jingju would
make a fierce Shaolin Warrior. I wonder if the monks will
accept girls?

Future Shaolin Warrior

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