Saturday, November 7, 2009


Jingju recently started going to a playgroup called Dumplings run by Yale China Care and a wonderful group of Yale students.

From their website:
"China Care is an organization that supports children living in Chinese orphanages as well as families living in the U.S. who have adopted children from China. Through its various programs, the group takes a proactive approach to providing greater opportunities for Chinese orphans, primarily through care, interaction, and education. China Care advocates for children in Chinese orphanages, assisting where possible in matching them with families in the United States. Furthermore, the group fundraises to help meet the cost of surgeries and medical care for orphaned Chinese children with disabilities. For more information regarding the organization, please visit their

Jingju has attended three Dumplings playgroups so far. At her first playgroup she played Chinese jump rope and learned to write Chinese characters. At another, the focus was on Chinese hair styles. Today Jingju learned how to make Dumplings. More and more I'm discovering how adept Jingju is with her hands. She watched a demonstration of how to fill and fold the dumpling wrappers, and then duplicated them beautifully as pictured above.

Dumplings Staff


  1. When I saw the first picture, I assumed those dumplings were from a Chinese restaurant. She made them beautifully. Isn't it fun to discover her natural gifts?

  2. Is there no end to her creative abiities..she is amazing!!