Sunday, November 1, 2009

Introducing Tinkerbell and Her First Halloween

It couldn't have been a better Halloween for Jingju. First she had a wonderful day at school on Friday. She participated in a school performance with her kindergarten class and sang a pumpkin song. Then all the lower grades paraded in costume down the sidewalk around the school. On Halloween, we went to a town that hosts a wonderful children's event. Main Street gets closed off to traffic and all the residents come out in costume for a big parade. Afterwards, there's lots of milling about, free popcorn and cider, and music from the Fife and Drum Corps. We got to town early so that Jingju could do her trick or treating and we walked along a beautiful street with grand houses overlooking the river. Jingju got the hang of things quickly after a little initial shyness. She yelled "Trick or Treat" and remembered her "Thank Yous," and delighted as her green pumpkin pail filled with candies. It was a long day and a bit of a long drive home, with Tinkerbell fast asleep in her car seat. Once home, I placed the sleeping pixie on her father's lap, and up she rode in the elevator and into our apartment. I helped her into bed and tucked her in. When I kissed her goodnight she said, "Mom, thank you for my Halloween."

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