Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye Again

We all walked to Grand Central where the girls said there goodbyes and Jingju and I got on a train to go back to Connecticut. Tessa and Yanni and their moms flew back to Florida later in the day. But first, we stopped for a last lunch together.
Jingju and Yanni
Jingju, Yanni, Tessa
Yanni and Tessa

Our three days in New York went by so fast. We didn't get to all the activities we had planned. It seemed more important for the girls to just have time to be together. Jingju got to see some of NYC and went to her first Broadway musical (The Lion King). Mostly she laughed and giggled, and sang, and danced with her friends. Every time I looked at her, she was just beaming. Jingju and I were the first to leave and everyone walked us to Grand Central to say goodbye. The girls said their goodbyes on the train, and so ended Jingju's very special reunion with her Beihai sisters.


Sandra, Allison, Tessa, Jingju, Yanni

It's hard to say goodbye

Getting Ready To Say Goodbye Again

Jingju, Tessa, Yanni

Tessa and Jingju

Yanni and Jingju
Tessa, Jingju, Sandra
Jingju and Tessa
Sandra, Tessa, Lisa, Jingju, Allison, Yanni

Playing At The Plaza Hotel

Tea at  the Plaza

Grand Central Station

Santa and her reindeer.

5th Avenue

A walk along 5th Avenue and a visit to Rockefeller Plaza.

Getting Reacquainted

All Together Now

And Yanni makes three!


First Jingju and Tessa met in the hotel lobby. Jingju decided to hide under a pile of pillows to surprise Tessa.

Jingju and her baba with Tessa
Jingju hanging out in the hotel room

Tessa and Jingju

Together again!!!

From Jingju's Half The Sky Memory Book

Jingju, Tessa (Jing Huan or Huan Huan), and Yanni finally got to see each other again in New York City. For those of you who don't know, the girls all lived in the same orphanage and were best friends. They even shared a bed together. I've been having Jingju's memory book from Half The Sky translated and Tessa is mentioned often. Here's an excerpt that explains the picture above:


During freeplay, Jingju took a doll out of the doll’s crib and climbed into it herself. Jinghuan saw her and wanted to climb in with her. Jingju objected, however, and continuously pushed Jinghuan away. Huanhuan thought about it and then decided not to push the matter. She found a little chair and placed it next to Jingju, bringing along some other toys as well. Jingju used a toy shovel and pretended to feed Jinghuan from a toy bucket. Huanhuan’s banana accidentally fell underneath her chair. Jingju worried shouts, “Sister! Huan a! Huan a!” Huanhuan lay on the chair and tried to retrieve her banana but because she couldn’t reach it because her arms were too short, she also started shouting “ah! Ah!” The teacher helped Huanhuan retrieve her banana but Huanhuan was already inconsolable and in tears. Jingju immediately stood up and patted the doll bed with her hand, meaning to let Huanhuan sit in the doll bed and play. When Huanhuan understood Jingju’s intentions, she sat in the doll bed, calmed down, and started playing with Jingju again.

Christmas Morning

Jingju had a lovely first Christmas. On Christmas eve we set out a plate of cookies for Santa. Jingju added a Snickers bar (left over from Halloween) and a gift wrapped picture she had colored. I was tracking Santa's whereabouts on my iphone, and when the estimated time of arrival read "Soon, go to bed now!", I had no trouble getting Jingju into bed. It was a wonderful next day, with Jingju's Waipo (maternal grandmother, her uncle, and great aunt visiting. Jingju loved her gifts. I think her favorite, was a guitar. My gift, this year, and every year to come, is Jingju. I will never understand the mystical energies of the universe that brought this incredible child to me. To quote Maria from the Sound of Music, "Somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snow

We waited all day for the snow- Jingju's first snow. It was supposed to come at noon.  We had canceled plans to travel to a family event, and prepared to be snowed in for the day. The doplar maps showed heavy snow throughout our State, but it was nowhere to be seen. The weather man explained that the air was so dry, the snow was evaporating before it came into sight. Once enough snow was in the atmosphere to make enough moisture, the snow began to fall to the ground. We had promised Jingju that we'd let her go out to see the snow no matter what time it came. It came at 10pm. So here is Jingju in her Tinkerbell pajamas in the middle of the night experiencing her first snow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art Show

Jingju has been drawing much more since she started kindergarten.

Our House

Boy King


Green Hair Boy

Queen With Ghost Tee Shirt

Queen With Ghost Tee Shirt And Glasses

3 Bump Girl
Star Face

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spirited Away

I'm so in love with this film. We've been having a Hayao Miyazaki film fest lately. Jingju was a little scared by Spirited Away, but loved Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service.

On Ice

In the last week Jingju saw snow, 
went ice skating, met Santa, 
decorated our Christmas Tree, 
and sang Jingle Bells all for the very first time.