Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye Again

We all walked to Grand Central where the girls said there goodbyes and Jingju and I got on a train to go back to Connecticut. Tessa and Yanni and their moms flew back to Florida later in the day. But first, we stopped for a last lunch together.
Jingju and Yanni
Jingju, Yanni, Tessa
Yanni and Tessa

Our three days in New York went by so fast. We didn't get to all the activities we had planned. It seemed more important for the girls to just have time to be together. Jingju got to see some of NYC and went to her first Broadway musical (The Lion King). Mostly she laughed and giggled, and sang, and danced with her friends. Every time I looked at her, she was just beaming. Jingju and I were the first to leave and everyone walked us to Grand Central to say goodbye. The girls said their goodbyes on the train, and so ended Jingju's very special reunion with her Beihai sisters.


Sandra, Allison, Tessa, Jingju, Yanni

It's hard to say goodbye


  1. Such sweet pictures. Those little girls really love one another!

  2. Wow, it looks like everyone had such a wonderful time...I hope that this will be the first of other such fortunate that these little girls have such awesome mothers!

  3. By the way, who is picking out Jingju's clothes...the kid is already turning into a fashion icon!!