Thursday, December 31, 2009

Together again!!!

From Jingju's Half The Sky Memory Book

Jingju, Tessa (Jing Huan or Huan Huan), and Yanni finally got to see each other again in New York City. For those of you who don't know, the girls all lived in the same orphanage and were best friends. They even shared a bed together. I've been having Jingju's memory book from Half The Sky translated and Tessa is mentioned often. Here's an excerpt that explains the picture above:


During freeplay, Jingju took a doll out of the doll’s crib and climbed into it herself. Jinghuan saw her and wanted to climb in with her. Jingju objected, however, and continuously pushed Jinghuan away. Huanhuan thought about it and then decided not to push the matter. She found a little chair and placed it next to Jingju, bringing along some other toys as well. Jingju used a toy shovel and pretended to feed Jinghuan from a toy bucket. Huanhuan’s banana accidentally fell underneath her chair. Jingju worried shouts, “Sister! Huan a! Huan a!” Huanhuan lay on the chair and tried to retrieve her banana but because she couldn’t reach it because her arms were too short, she also started shouting “ah! Ah!” The teacher helped Huanhuan retrieve her banana but Huanhuan was already inconsolable and in tears. Jingju immediately stood up and patted the doll bed with her hand, meaning to let Huanhuan sit in the doll bed and play. When Huanhuan understood Jingju’s intentions, she sat in the doll bed, calmed down, and started playing with Jingju again.

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