Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dumplings Play Group

Jingju had a wonderful experience this year going to her Dumplings play group. Dumplings was developed by China Care for adopted Chinese children and their families. It's run by a wonderful group of student volunteers who put together activities to raise our children's awareness and appreciation for their Chinese language and cultural heritage.

This is Maylene, playing the Chinese lute with Jingju and her little friend. Jingju is so good with younger children. Maylene has also been Jingju's big sibling at the Chinese Adopted Siblings Program For Youth-- CASPY,
which is a biannual cultural day for families with Chinese adopted children.

The students cooked a delicious goodbye dinner and hosted a banquet for us in the dining hall of their dorm to end out the year. After dinner, Jingju wandered outside to the court yard where some students were playing volley ball. Leave it to Jingju to put herself right into the middle of the game. The students were so generous and kind to her.

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  1. I heard "Thank you 'Mom'!!"
    Wow, she's growing too fast!