Thursday, May 6, 2010

Skateboard Girl

Well, it was love at first sight. Jingju met an older girl with a skateboard at CASPY a few weeks ago and fell in love with skateboarding. I'm learning that Jingju has no fear, and is probably going to give me years of worry. When I found out that Jingju's new friend was coming again for a visit and wanted to see Jingju and give her one of her old skateboards, I immediately went out and bought enough padding to cover every vulnerable inch of her body. She now has the skateboard, and couldn't be happier.

Jingju at CASPY with her new friend on a skateboard for the first time.

Jingju with her new friend and her big sibling (right) at CASPY

Jingju & Co.

Last weekend, flying solo. 
I did ask Jingju's friend to teach her how to stop the next time she visits.

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  1. Jingju & Co. is my favorite! Love that one...frame worthy! How fun.