Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Sisters

Yanni, one of Jingju's little sisters from her orphanage, came to visit with her mother this weekend. Yanni has been home just a year and hasn't seen Jingju since last December when Jingju, Yanni, and Tessa had a reunion in New York City. These photos are of Jingju and Yanni building boats and then launching them at the museum where Jingju has been going to camp this summer. I've never seen Jingju so relaxed and natural playing with another child. There it was, the bond of sisterhood that held these girls together and defined their first family. How hard it must have been for them to say goodbye in China--to leave a family of sisters to follow a wish to have a family in which they would be daughters.

What joy, to see them today, sisters still, daughters now.


  1. Love the video of Jingju and Yanni!! So glad that the girls could see one another again. They are growing up to be such beautiful girls. Miss Jingju is so graceful with her hands as she constructs her boat. Hope all is well with Tessa, too. I miss reading Sandra's posts.

  2. Hi -- I often look at this slideshoa and think of the wonderful time we had with you, Jingju and Kevin. We were only there two days but it seemed like a week - we did so much (a yummy NE seafood dinner with Kevin; wooden boat building and then the girls playing together outside in wonderful weather; the museum - what a treat to actually veiw dinosaur bones - nothing here in Ft Myers!Yanni rememebers the exhibit and as I look back on it now, the museum visit was truly helpful because when we read books now and see pictures of dinosaus, Yanni can relate and everything makes more sense. Lisa, please say hi to Jingju and Kevin for us.
    Yanni and Allison