Friday, June 24, 2011

Beihai Little Sisters Reunion

Jingju and I are in New York City for a reunion with her "Little Sisters" from her orphanage in Beihai. Tessa (Jinghuan) and Yanni (Yanlan) are coming again, but Jingju will also be seeing two other friends, Mayleea (Yonghua) and Taylor (Caihong), who she hasn't seen since she left China two years ago. The girls will be getting together tonight at their hotel to get reacquainted. Pictures to come...

Picture from SWI of Wuzhou where the girls were prior to Beihai. 
Front row far right is Taylor (Caihong), Middle row 2nd from right is Jingju, 4th from right is Mayleea (Yonghua), 6th from right is Tessa (Jinghuan), and 5th from right is Yanni (Yanlan) I think this is correct.


  1. Liska,
    My Amilynn was adopted at the age of 3 1/2 from Wuzhou in 2007. I have a picture of the children walking either before or after this group photo was taken. Is there any chance this picture could have been taken at the Wuzhou SWI. We did not receive any information that our daughter could have been in a different SWI. My Amilynn is 2nd child from the left in the top row (white shirt, yellow pants). I can send you a copy of the photo or you can view it on my blog. in a post from December 2009 titled "Mixed Emotions"
    Also, could you send me a copy of the group photos you have on your sidebar. I have not seen these group photos before. Thanks so much and blessings to you.

  2. Hey! I just seen your blog post too. This picture is taken at Wuzhou. My Channing is in it. She is in the yellow, second row on left. I would like a copy of this picture. Never seen it before!

    What a great time the girls must've had in NYC. We need to plan a BIG Wuzhou reunion one year! :)

  3. Yes Kim, it is Wuzhou. Our girls were in both SWIs. Tell me how I can contact you and I'll send you the picture.

  4. This photo was taken at the Dragon Mother Temple in Wuzhou. They must have taken the kids there on a "field trip".