Sunday, June 26, 2011

From Beihai to Central Park

We spent the entire day in Central Park so that the girls would have space to play and just be together. They had gotten together the night before in a hotel room. First Jingju and Taylor met. They were a little shy with each other at first. Then Maylea arrived, followed by Yanni and Tessa. Once all five girls were together they completely became themselves and it was total mayhem and silliness. In the small hotel room, they ran, they hid under beds and in closets, they wrestled, and laughed, and got to be friends again.

Central Park is a world all its own within New York City. It was the perfect place for the girls to wander and explore. It was lovely to see them together and to watch my own daughter, the youngest of the five, with her first family again. Every day I feel thankful and lucky to have Jingju in my life.  I think over my own history and years of struggle and learning to love myself that led me eventually to Jingju, and the way her path to me began with the day she was found. In the adoption world we talk a lot about the losses our children have had. On this day in the park, my thoughts turned to the other side of loss... of finding. I find myself everyday in loving Jingju.

Left to right: Jingju, Tessa, Yanni

Tessa and Yanni
Left to right: Taylor, Yanni, Mayleea

Left to right: Sandra, Jingju, Tessa

Mayleea and Taylor

Tessa and Jingju

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